Feb. 19, 2015

Our second meeting minutes:

Two new people joined us. We introduced ourselves.

Charisma (acting secretary) will work on the bylaws for our next meeting. Kim (acting treasurer) is finding out more info we need for the EIN #. Thank you for working on these necessary items to get our guild going. We need 3 more items before we can fill out the application to become an official Modern Quilt Guild.

We decided $20 would be our yearly dues, payable at the March meeting.

Our logo (to go on our blog and represent us at quilt shows) was discussed. Designs were presented and discussion followed. We agreed the MODERN in Moses Lake Modern Quilt Guild should stand out somehow and that along with the letters MLMQG it should be spelled out. We liked the water, quilting lines, crop circles and sun. Jessica agreed to put together some designs for us and will email them out to all. We’ll decide the final design at the March meeting, unless it needs final tweaking.

Our mission statement was discussed and brainstormed with some wonderful suggestions. Carole volunteered to take our ideas and put them together. She’ll email them out for further suggestions. We’ll choose the final statement (hopefully) at the March meeting and put it on the blog. From that also came what appears our motto should be “Be nice. No meanies.” Not sure if they were kidding or not.

Simple name badges will be ones brought by President in a box to each meeting. The idea to sew up our own was nixed.

March program – Kim and Kathy will bring quilt blocks for all to discuss various modern arrangements.

April program – Charisma will use us to test out her fabulous speech she’ll be giving to the Wenatchee guild. She invited us all to come support her at the Wenatchee meeting. Yea Charisma!

All in all a fantastic meeting with great participation and discussion.

Sew and tell pictures below:

IMG_7946 IMG_7947 IMG_7949 IMG_7951 IMG_7952 IMG_7953 IMG_7954


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