April 2015 Meeting Minutes

ML Modern Quilt Guild

Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2015

Present:          Charisma, Kim, Sabrina, Katrina, and Jenn.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Kim
Old Business:

  1. Bylaws – The group reviewed the proposed by-laws for the second time. After a brief discussion, the group unanimously approved the MLMQG bylaws.
  2. Officers – The slate of candidates for club officers is: Virginia  – President, Charisma  – Secretary, and Kim  – Treasurer.   Kim asked if there were any other members interested in serving as a club officer.  No members volunteered.  The group unanimously voted to approve the slate of candidates. 
  3. Logo – Voting on the club logo is not complete. This will be tabled until the next meeting.
  4. Dues – Club dues are $20 and need to be paid to Kim

New Business:

  1. Travel Bee
    Group members participating in the travel bee showed their first block. The group also agreed to the order of rotation.   Bags were passed at the meeting.  Instructions are in each bag.  The passing order is:

    • Charisma
    • Kim
    • Virginia
    • Katrina
    • Kathy K.
    • Sabrina
    • Jenn
    • Jeri
  2. Presentation by Charisma
    Charisma shared her presentation on quilts, batting, thread, and machine quilting. She is scheduled to give this speech to the Wenatchee Quilt Guild.  Charisma did a wonderful job and all members learned something new about batting and thread.
  3. Bank Account – Kim checked with Washington Trust and they do have small business accounts. There is no minimum balance, but there is a $2/month fee.  Charisma offered to check with Granco Credit Union to see if they offer business accounts as they do not charge a monthly fee. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm.  The next meeting is May 21st at 7:00pm.


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