Sept 17, 2015 Minutes

Moses Lake Modern Quilt guild

Minutes from Sept 17, 2015

In attendance: Kay, Carole, Katrina, Jeri, Jenn, Kim, Sabrina, Polly, Virginia, Charisma

-Get minutes up on website in a timelier manner –Charisma agreed

-We went over Wenatchee Guild show and how great our display was. We were also asked to give a speech in 2016 to explain modern quilting to the guild.

~We will rehearse for the quilt continuum speech when it gets close to the meeting time in Wenatchee.

-Travel bee show & tell. Only 2 months left. We are going to start again in 2016

-Quilt lesson was by Charisma- Discussed pixelated blocks.

-Polly shared the info about the Epic meet up in Seattle.  She had a drawing for a bag of goodies. Charisma Won

-Jeri said we could set up a display in the Moses lake Library. She is working on that.

– Virginia & Polly to make business cards. Polly is setting up an Instagram account for the guild.

– Skipping December meeting

– Bring a homemade bag to January holiday party for an exchange gift.

– Charities. Bring your ideas to the next meeting

_ November meeting is going to be on the 12th because of the holiday.


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