March 17, 2016 Recap

Hello ladies,
Great meeting tonight! Love all the interesting conversation. I’m going to try another recap so I can’t lose notes or thoughts for the next meeting.
Welcome Teresa! Thanks for joining us tonight, it was nice to finally meet you. I forgot to mention, maybe Kathy told you, our dues are $20 per year, payable to our treasurer Kathy.
We gathered 18 blocks for our Wenatchee exchange, with a few more to come from Jeri. Charisma will be doing the exchange and so we should see their blocks next meeting.  I’ll arrange a sew in later, so those who want to can get together and put our own set of blocks together. We’ll share the quilt with the Wenatchee girls at the presentation.
Travel Bee is getting confusing (at least to my little brain anyway!) with me not sewing and others not being there to exchange but we’ll get it. Keep passing and sewing, I’ll get back on track when I am able, promise!
Thanks Sabrina for sharing the millefiori quilts,you went the extra mile. They really are quite extraordinary. Here’s a link for those who haven’t seen them in color.
Next month Gretchen will share some more of her 2016 QuiltCon experience.
Challenge: Thanks Polly for providing our challenge material, in two color ways no less. There are a few more packets for those not there tonight. We will not be judging or having any kind of contest with these but will share them at the Wenatchee presentation. Here are the rules:
  • You may add your own fabric.
  • the piecing is to be improv
  • it must be a finished item (quilt, bag, etc)
  • use some of each of the three challenge fabrics
  • due at September meeting
It also came up again that not everyone has signed up with the national MQG website. I intend, after I get in my house, in figuring out how to get everyone signed up once and for all.
Thanks again for a great meeting.
See ya,

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