Sew in

Just got the blocks up there so we could begin the design process. Went with a sideways triangle.


We began to move the blocks around but nothing was forming.


This triangle reminded some of a birthday cake.


Let’s try blocks all around the edge. What to put in the center? If we put white some of block parts will disappear…


Rotate so the grey faces in..



Sew together with white in the middle! Can’t wait to see it quilted.


Now, onto our set of blocks. Forgot to get a shot of the first try but here’s a half log cabin. Can you see it? Gretchen’s block was so different it was decided not to fight it but to use it as the starting point.


How about now? Sally will add one more strip in black on the top and right side. A bit Gees Bendish a few of us thought.


What a great first sew in. Learned a thing or too and was very pleased at how well we worked together. Wasn’t sure how designing as a group would go but I have to say I’d love to do it again!


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