March 2017 Minutes

March 2017
● Charity Quilt: Big Bend Auction is May 20, Angie will continue to contact
someone there for specifics
● Retreat: Lutherhaven is booked up, maybe there is an opening in another center
such as Soaplake
● Travel Bee: the starts look wonderful! If anyone finishes theirs early, contact
Katrina to give it to her to work on as there may be some time coming up that she will
not be able to quilt.
● Quilt Con discussion: Lindsey has volunteered at each Quilt Cons so has a lot of
insight into that. Thank you, Lindsey for sharing your bag of convention goodies with us!
● Program: Virginia guided us in designing quilt blocks by first drawing and coloring
a block on a square of graph paper. We then cut out the block then cut it up and
reconstructed it on white paper taping it down to our liking (no rules in doing so!) Voilà:
we designed a modern quilt!
Other insights:
● Great job ladies on your sew and tell! Amazing work that you do!
● Also mentioned, check out for free block tutorials, printables
and inspirations.
● Stay tuned for information on an upcoming sew-in activity in the near future

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