May 2017 Minutes

MLMQG May 2017 Minutes
● Charity Quilt: donated to BIg Bend for May 20 Cellarbration Charity Auction
● ML Christian Church: Shall we make a donation for guild funds as a thank you for using
the room since Jan. 2015?
○ We decided to give $100 donation check to the church
● Charity Quilt for Quilt CON Modern Traditional challenge: We will design this at our June
Think of ideas to do this (see MQG 2018 Quilt Con Charity Challenge for details)
● Sew in Day: May 20 at Virginia’s, 10 a.m.
● Travel Bee: These are looking great, keep up the good work!
○ Some of the quilts can already be called finished as some of you have been
working ahead due to varying circumstances.
● INMOD Quilt Guild (Spokane): Inland Northwest MQG
○ We will have a Quilt Crash where our guild crashes their meeting
○ June 17, 2017 at Moran Prairie Library, a sew day for their guild that runs 9am to
          6pm, (we may get there at 10)
○ They are planning their September retreat that we can join
● Program: (Angie) Scraps
○ What do you do to organize your scraps to easily use them?
○ What are some good scrap projects?
○ Scrap bag challenge: Due at the July guild meeting. We traded a bag of scraps
to make any small finished scrap quilt for the person to whom the scraps belong.
You will probably return the scraps with the quilt to the owner (Who needs more
scraps, right?.) You can use your own fabric and do not have to use all that is in
the scrap bag.
○ Did you know that Moda fabrics sells scrap bags of coordinating color to use?
● Charity Wheelchair Quilts: due at the October guild meeting. Jenn sent an e-mail to all
of us with the directions.
● Coming Up:
○ During the next meeting we will plan the Modern Traditional quilt for the Quilt Con
○ TBD: driving arrangements for those participating in the INMOD Quilt Crash
(June 17)

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