June 2017 Minutes

MLMQG June 2017 Minutes
● Travel Bee: this is continually going well: keep up the good work!
● Sew n tell
● Instagram: if you haven’t seen the MLMQG on Instagram, look it up as MosesLakeMQG.
Also, tag the work you do here to give others a sneak peek at your progress.
● FYI: for those people wondering about good hand quilting threads, Lindsey says she
uses Sishiko, Perle cotton size 8 and Aurifil 12 for this
● QuiltCon 2018: if you want to go, talk to Lindsey as she is going as a volunteer. The
2019 Quiltcon will be much farther away in Nashville, TN.
● QuiltCon 2018 Challenge: We voted to NOT create a sampler for this.
○ We will modernize the Carolina Lily block
○ Please think about how we can modernize this block with the modern palette
○ If you have not done so, watch the webinar about Modern Traditional that Virginia
e-mailed for ideas
○ Once you have some ideas, begin sharing them through e-mail before the next
guild meeting
○ By or during the next meeting we will figure out a design and schedule a sew day
to work on it together

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