February 2018 Minutes

MLMQG Feb. 2018

  • Minutes approved from Nov. 2017
  • Beginning of year tasks completed: Mission statement read and MQG membership cards handed out
  • Discussion of Pros/Cons of continuing to belong to the MQG for 2019
  • Decided upon September 22 as the date to host the INMOD guild sew day in Ephrata at the Public Works (thanks Jenn Tincher for working out the reservation!)
  • Shared travel bee
  • MLMQG sew day on April 28 in Ephrata or at the church
    • Bring basic sewing supplies and fat quarters fabric (background and main patterns) for individual projects
    • We will work on a curved pattern and curved piecing
  • Program: discussed what you do with your scraps
    • ○ Some people sort them by Medium, Dark, light colors
    • ○ Scrap bag swap: 1 quilted project will be due in August for the person whose scraps you have
  • Sew and tell

November 2018 Minutes

Moses Lake MQG

November 2018 minutes

  • Most of the dues have been paid. Thank you!
  • 2018 officers – Angie offered to continue as secretary
  • We discussed swaps people have done and saw a few swap quilts
  • Reminders:
    • No Dec meeting
    • Jan 18 New Year’s Party
      • Potluck
      • 6 pm
      • Holiday mini quilt exchange quilt

October 2017 Minutes

MLMQG October 2017 Minutes

  • Wheelchair charity quilts: At this meeting you did a great job of donating 8 wheelchair quilts for McKay’s in Soap Lake. Jenn and Angie will deliver them Friday.
  • INMOD Quilt retreat: INMOD quilt guild will join us in the spring (specifics TBD) for an event. Perhaps we can meet in Ephrata in order to go to the Fabric Patch.
  • Officers Next Year: It was decided that rather than Virginia remaining president, we will rotate the guild president each month. Virginia will remain the point of contact for business, but each rotating president will lead that month’s meeting. The secretary and treasurer will be exempt from taking a turn as president.
  • NEXT MEETING IS NOV 9! Your $20 dues will be collected at this meeting since we will not meet again before the January registration deadline.
  • Program: Charisma spoke to us about planning quilting. One area of focus was implementing key elements into the design. These include: 1.) Dimension 2.) Movement 3.) Secondary designs 4.) Textures 5.) Life 6.) A story

September 2017 minutes

MLMQG September 2017

  • Travel Bee
  • Quiltcon 2018 Charity quilt scraps: Congratulations to Lindsey who won the drawing to take the leftover fabric!
  • Program: a color lesson

○ Using your square cut outs: 1. randomly place the 6” squares in a 9 patch 2. Randomly put the 4” squares on top of them 3. Do the same to randomly place the 2” squares on the 4”, only changing the placement if the colors are the same.

○ The challenge is to choose a color combo you don’t like and identify what you don’t like about it. How can you make the color combo appealing by adding a neutral or neutrals to it? Explore using color combos you normally wouldn’t use or like.

  • Sew and tell
  • Instagram: check out some of our members through their user names, and, we would love to add more! Also, follow our guild and others for more online inspiration. #moseslakemqg
  • October announcements:

○ Bring a quilt top that you can plan to quilt during Charisma’s program on quilt planning.

○ Don’t forget that the charity wheelchair quilts are due finished at this meeting! Jenn will deliver them to the nursing home in Soap Lake at 10 am on Oct 20 if you want to join her.

  • Misc. Announcements:

○ We have decided on a program topic for November: Lindsey will lead a discussion on swaps

○ MLMQG is growing! This month we had 4 new people.

○ For the January gift exchange, we will make a mini quilt for the holiday of our choice.



August 2017 Minutes

MLMQG August 2017

● Culcita.com is a new online business shipping boxes of modern fabric to enhance your
stash. You can get a discount on your first box using the coupon cards Virginia has. This
is a monthly subscription website for modern fabric bundle boxes such as Tula Pink.
● Travel bee update: the travel bee quilts are looking amazing and are now on the last
round of turns! Great job to those of you involved!
● Wheelchair quilts: Jenn wanted an idea of how many quilts each member will make, due finished at the October guild meeting! Also to consider for the wheelchair quilts:
○ You can use a panel for the top instead of piecing it
○ They need not be modern
○ Maybe 1” wide straps would work well for ease of tying them
○ Use quality fabrics and possibly flannel as the backing for warmth
● QuiltCon 2018 charity quilt update: it looks amazing​ ​and is already quilted. Kathy will
sew the binding on and we will have a hand sewing binding party to get this project done
in time to enter it into the Wenatchee quilt show (TBD).
● Is there anyone who wants to present for our November meeting? There are still some
presentation slots open
● For September meeting, have a 6”, 4”, 2” square cut from 9 different solid fabrics, or
fabrics that read as solid.
● Program highlights:
○ Instagram tutorial and walk through for those people who are new to it or have
never used it.
○ Modern Quilt Guild website (themodernquiltguild.com) where you may want to
especially check out the resources and webinars under the “Community” tab and
the “Fresh Quilting” videos. You can also submit designs to the MQG for the
block of the month


July 2017 minutes

  • Travel bee: the travel bee quilts are looking amazing: keep up the great work, ladies!
  • Scrap quilts: this mini quilt scrap challenge turned out great for those members who participated!
  • Quilt Con 2018 Challenge Update: sew day was decided for August 5 at Virginia’s. Even though it is due in January, we will knock it out well before the holidays.
  • Program: Lindsey talked to us about hand quilting with some beautiful examples.

○ Perle cotton, crochet thread,Sashiko or Auri_l 12 are good picks for this.

○ Marking tools: water soluble blue is safest

○ Needles: Richard Hemming size 2 is great, also Crewel embroidery needles specialty quilt stores

○ Names for further research: Anna Maria Horner, Sarah Fielke, Riane Menardi

  • Sew and Tell:

○ Congratulations to Jennifer Tincher for being published in Make Modern Magazine for her bigfoot design!

● Retreat: There still may be a few spaces open for the retreat in September hosted by the INMOD group


June 2017 Minutes

MLMQG June 2017 Minutes
● Travel Bee: this is continually going well: keep up the good work!
● Sew n tell
● Instagram: if you haven’t seen the MLMQG on Instagram, look it up as MosesLakeMQG.
Also, tag the work you do here to give others a sneak peek at your progress.
● FYI: for those people wondering about good hand quilting threads, Lindsey says she
uses Sishiko, Perle cotton size 8 and Aurifil 12 for this
● QuiltCon 2018: if you want to go, talk to Lindsey as she is going as a volunteer. The
2019 Quiltcon will be much farther away in Nashville, TN.
● QuiltCon 2018 Challenge: We voted to NOT create a sampler for this.
○ We will modernize the Carolina Lily block
○ Please think about how we can modernize this block with the modern palette
○ If you have not done so, watch the webinar about Modern Traditional that Virginia
e-mailed for ideas
○ Once you have some ideas, begin sharing them through e-mail before the next
guild meeting
○ By or during the next meeting we will figure out a design and schedule a sew day
to work on it together